Latest: Organic Turmeric Powder & Organic Certification

24 February 2017  |  Admin


Our organic turmeric powder is very strong and pure. We have many customers that have used it to improve their health with successful results. Our organic turmeric powder is:


Organically certified by the Soil Association: 


This means our products and procedures are audited annually, and we are officially licensed to sell organic foods. We have just been issued with our 2017 certificates, which is our second year with the Soil Association. The documents are on our Amazon listings, and we are happy to send them to you. Email address below.














Tested for lead contamination:


Last year, in the USA, the FDA recalled several non-organic brands of turmeric for lead contamination. Since then, we now test every batch for lead. 


Tested for a range of harmful chemicals:


Each batch is tested for a variety of toxic chemicals, so only the best quality organic turmeric powder goes on sale. It is also GMO-free and non-irradiated, which maintains the nutritional integrity of the turmeric. 


If you would like us to send you certificates of analysis, or if you have any questions - then get in contact: Thanks for reading.