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100g Organic Ground Black Peppercorns

100g Organic Ground Black Peppercorns
 100g Organic Ground Black Peppercorns100g Organic Ground Black Peppercorns 
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Brand:  StayFresh Organics


  • 100g organic ground black peppercorns certified organic by Soil Association 
  • Black pepper is often considered the "king of spices" 
  • Known to help absorption of other spices such as turmeric 
  • Heat sealed in an eco-friendly, foil lined, resealable pouch to Stay Fresh for longer
  • Country of Origin: Sri Lanka  
  • Organic, vegetarian, vegan, GMO free, gluten free, wheat free, dairy free 
  • Does not contain any additives such as sugars, acids, colorants, or preservatives. Non-irradiated to maintain nutritional integrity​
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Stay Fresh Organics' organic ground black peppercorns are full-bodied with a strong aroma. They're fantastic for seasoning an array of global dishes and can be used in an infinite number of ways. They can also be used for their medicinal qualities and added to turmeric powder to make golden paste. Buy organic turmeric powder here. 

Black pepper is native to South Asia and Southeast Asia and has been known in Indian cooking since at least 2000 BCE. Peppercorns were a much-prized trade good, often referred to as "black gold", and used as a form of commodity money.


Stay Fresh Organics and this product are certified organic by the Soil Association. We only sell organic food and believe in the importance of organic farming for the best nutrition possible, pollution reduction, wildlife/soil preservation and a better world for generations to come. 


100% organic whole black peppercorns


Energy 255Kcal, carbohydrates 64.81g, protein 10.95g, fat 3.26g, cholesterol 0mg, fibre 26.5g.

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